Shariraraksa - A Wearable Gadget for Personal defence (Patented Product)


Security of every individual is important as a secular nation and to maintain the safe society but the current events in the society make us doubt the security of the individuals even after taking all the necessary actions to safe guard a person from the attackers. These days the attackers are becoming more smarter and technically skilled to do the attacks these incidents makes us to think of a new and efficient way of self-defense system/product for our own safety. Even after government organization’s taking the necessary actions it is still a questionable topic because of the increasing crime rate of molestation and attacks on the pedestrians at certain levels, few of the reported attacks are deadly as well.           
 The electric stun gun is a modern, portable, personal-protection appliance. It generates high potential energy to ward off vicious animals or other attackers. It is an aid to help escape from a potentially dangerous situation. The device develops about 20,000 volts. Higher voltages attained by adding additional multiplier stages, but it should be noted that those stage will also increase the overall size of the unit. The stun is very compact, being built into a small plastic case. It is powered by a single 9-volt battery, either Ni-cad or alkaline. The high voltage is applied to two electrodes which require only light contact to be effective. When touched with the Taser, the victim will receive a stunning, but non-lethal jolt of electricity that will usually discourage any further encounters. The electric stun gun Taser is a power supply which consists of a micro-size regenerative amplifier/oscillator coupled to an energy multiplier section. It should not be confused with a cheap induction-type cattle prods. The Taser is more versatile than other high-voltage stun devices currently being sold. Those devices are basically high-voltage, AC generators which jam the nervous system. However, the Taser may be used for heating and burning applications, or anywhere a high voltage DC supply is required.
An electric shock weapon is an in-capacitant weapon used for incapacitating a person by administering electric shock aimed at disrupting superficial muscle functions and/or causing pain without significantly hurting the subject.
Multiple types of these devices exist differing by the mode of use. Stun guns, batons (or prods), and belts administer an electric shock by direct contact, whereas Tasers (conducted electrical weapons, CEW) fire projectiles that administer the shock through thin flexible wires. Long-range electroshock projectiles, which can be fired from ordinary shotguns and do not need the wires, have been developed as well.
The proposed system varies in a very different manner from the above mentioned devices. As it’ll be working on the low-voltage input and producing an efficient ample amount of output voltage which is sufficient to put a person’s muscles into jolt.


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