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Shariraraksa - A Wearable Gadget for Personal defence (Patented Product)

  Abstract: Security of every individual is important as a secular nation and to maintain the safe society but the current events in the society make us doubt the security of the individuals even after taking all the necessary actions to safe guard a person from the attackers. These days the attackers are becoming more smarter and technically skilled to do the attacks these incidents makes us to think of a new and efficient way of self-defense system/product for our own safety. Even after government organization’s taking the necessary actions it is still a questionable topic because of the increasing crime rate of molestation and attacks on the pedestrians at certain levels, few of the reported attacks are deadly as well.               The electric stun gun is a modern, portable, personal-protection appliance. It generates high potential energy to ward off vicious animals or other attackers. It is an aid to help escape from a potentially dangerous situation. The device develops a

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